Stefan Kloos

Bsc Architectural Technologist, ACIAT

Assistant Technologist

Stefan joined HTA as an Assistant Technologist in January 2020. He has contributed to the production of DD1 & DD2 reports for Stage 3 on Canary Wharf B2 Project.

Stefan developed experience in producing stage 4 & 5 construction details as well as how to conduct design team meetings, client meetings, Package workshops and dealing with subcontractors.

In his previous employment at Pozzoni Architecture he worked on a 47 Unit Development in Seven Sister. The project was a mixed Residential and Commercial, formed out of 5 Town Houses and 2 Tower blocks. This was at the time the largest project he has worked on post-graduation. He started out as a Trainee Architectural Technologist meaning working in the background updating the model and producing drawings, but in a short period of time his role went to Junior Architectural Technologist and then Architectural Technologist. His tasks started to broaden out and was involved in conducting DTM’s, Client meetings, Checking Subcontractors drawings and producing Stage 4 & 5 Construction Details.

Stefan is Currently working on Canary Wharf B2 Project. This is a 22 Storey Building with Mixed use- Serviced Apartments, Retail and Restaurant. The Construction is a hybrid between Volumetric Modular Construction and Traditional Concrete frame.

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