Olympic Office Centre
Wembley, Brent
Network Homes
253 new homes
Planning authority
London Borough of Brent

The proposal occupies a prominent site within Wembley Park, and will complete the redevelopment of the southern section of Olympic Way.

The building is part 21, part 15 storeys with single storey ‘drawers’ that extend towards Olympic Way accommodating over 1050m² of flexible commercial floorspace helping to restore active frontage to the processional route.

The proposal seeks to reinforce the adopted massing and height principles established by new development along Olympic Way with a wider consideration of the emerging context and consented Wembley Masterplan.

All homes will feature private external amenity in the form of sheltered balconies or terraces as well as shared amenity spaces that have been maximised by using the majority of roof space available, providing views over Wembley Park and towards the national stadium.

The design of the building envelope has been developed to create a simple, elegantly proportioned facade that responds to design elements observed from the wider street elevation whilst being plan-led to ensure that the internal spaces are bright and maximise views to the outside.

HTA Sustainability have prepared a technical study of the microclimate conditions of the site to guide the design decisions. The scheme is designed to avoid any adverse wind conditions both on the site and in the adjacent pedestrian environment. Amenity decks have been designed, situated above the retail units surrounded by a brick wall with large openings in it. This is intended to give some level of privacy to the terraces whilst maintaining good levels of light and outlook and mitigating against potential impacts of wind.

Discussions with HTA architects and the HTA Landscape Team were crucial to integrate measures to mitigate the conditions on the top of the terraces, which are provided with a 1.1 m high roof edge parapet and with a 3 m tall inset screen. Further measures are proposed including soft landscaping, pergolas and seating that doubles as windbreak structures. The majority of balconies are recessed within the building envelope and have been designed with a 1.1 m high metal railing balustrade to balance visual permeability with robustness and maintenance considerations.

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