Oliver Rock

Senior Associate, Landscape Architect


Oliver Rock joined HTA Landscape in 2006 and became an Associate in 2012. He has twenty years’ experience in both the public and private sectors, giving him a wide understanding of the issues involved in achieving good place making. He has extensive experience in regeneration, the creation of new parks and public spaces at both master-planning and detailed design levels.

Oliver is a Senior Associate within the practice, overseeing quality, resourcing and management of the landscape discipline as well as running a team of ten landscape architects. In addition to leading projects, he is involved in the development and submission of bids, regularly speaks at conferences about park restoration and is also a Landscape Institute mentor for landscape architects preparing for their Professional Qualification exams.

Oliver has received multiple awards for his work at HTA including four Landscape Institute awards - Heritage and Conservation for The Water Gardens, 2017, Heritage and Conservation for Stevenage Town Centre Gardens, 2011, and Local Landscape Planning for The Great Lines, 2011.

Oliver is currently leading the landscape design team on the public realm for Greenford Green including the first phase of which is due to be completed on site in the summer 2019.